Friday, March 6, 2009

Trash the Dress - In the Snow!

The concept of "trash - the - dress" is about having a fun photo session in your wedding dress (prom dress, or any dressed up attire), in locations that are in complete contrast to your formal dress.

Many of these shoots do not necessarily "trash the dress", as in my latest shoot in the snow.

I've been looking forward to a good snow storm so I could have this opportunity - but I wasn't counting on the bitter cold that came with it!

Waking up the day of the shoot, it was single digits outside. I prepared myself for a very frigid experience. (I hope my model was prepared and still willing.)

My ideal location was now inaccessible by car because of the snow.

In order to get there we would have to walk 10 minutes and be without shelter during the session. I felt we needed to be somewhere that allowed us a place to warm up in between takes.
My model did prepare herself with "long johns", heavy socks, and Uggs. It was her upper body and arms that would be exposed to the 20 degree temps. and bitter wind chill.

I was bundled up (sans gloves), so I could easily work the camera controls.

Each session latest approximately 15 - 20 minutes. I didn't want my model transforming into a human block of ice mid shot! Before this occurred, we took frequent breaks to go inside and warm up. (I also needed to take care of my camera and lenses being exposed to these extreme temperatures).

So with the scene set and the conditions so accurately described, can you sense any discomfort in my "bride"? I must say, what makes a great model is masking any outside factors that might adversely effect the shoot. Staying in character, having fun, and enjoying yourself in front of the camera. I couldn't have asked for a better collaborator!

Have you ever thought about spending another day in your wedding dress, or even your prom dress? Letting your guard down and totally enjoying a fun carefree unique session? The possibilities are endless.
Trash the dress in the snow?......................Why Not?


Shirley said...

The photos are awesome, kudos to you both!

Anonymous said...

I think I would rather lay in a spider infested canoe & stand in mucky lake sand - then this! They are great - before you mentioned it I was thinking that you would never know she was uncomfortable - what a good friend.

Susan Kozlowski said...

All in the name of Art! Thanks Anonymous and Shirley.

roentarre said...

Seriously, your blog is fantastic. You are a true photographer.

Snow scenes are very hard to do professional shooting. I am usually saying no to clients who want to be photographed in this type of condition. Too challenging

You did it very well!


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