Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bridge of Angels

Ponte Sant' Angelo is one of the most famous bridges in Rome.

It crosses the Tiber River leading from the center of Rome to the Castel Sant'Angelo.

This pedestrian bridge, features statues depicting glorious angels commissioned by Pope Clement IX in 1669 from the famous artist Bernini.

Bernini was an Italian artist who worked principally in Rome and demonstrated Classical Sculpture. His unique ability to capture, in marble, dramatic and natural realism was both amazing and memorizing.

Note the detail in the flowing fabric and soft expression. The beauty is comforting yet awesome.

In reality, Bernini finished only two himself which are in a private collection so these renditions on the bridge are made by other sculptors and students of Bernini.

This "Bridge of Angels", is used by many to reach St. Peter's Basilica.

Over the years, the structure of the bridge caused many deaths and was even a site of public executions!

It was for this reason that the design of statues of angels for the bridge, each one representing a station of the cross, was used to protect those that cross.

All who cross are reminded of the passing from the secular city to the sacred one.



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