Friday, June 17, 2011

Squirrel Release - 2011

One of the rewards from volunteering at a wildlife rescue sanctuary, is being a part of the release of a rehabilitated animal.
Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the care and treatment to sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.
This Spring many baby squirrels were brought in, often hairless and in critical care. These abandoned babies fall out of trees, or can be victims of a tree being cut down in early Spring.
With constant care, and observation, these squirrel mature into healthy beings and are ready for release back into the wild.

I was given the opportunity to adopt several squirrels for release in my yard. I spent the day, watching their first taste of freedom with camera in hand, of course!

While watching two boxes of squirrel that I nailed to the trees, I was amused that one set was immediately curious about their new surroundings!

However, a bit leery of the paparazzi stalking them with a camera.

But soon the outside world was filled with so many wonderful things to touch, smell and even taste!

Climbing skills were carefully tested out.

And soon this little squirrel "owned" this tree!!

Sharing the experience with his roommate.

The second box of squirrels contained 4 in all. They were not as brave. However, the food right outside the 'doorstep' was very enticing! Until you reach out too far and FALL out! Oops, that's what happened to this guy!

He appeared quite nervous, but tried to coax his friends out too.

Before long, he - too - was 'owning' the tree!

This quote is from Antler Ridge 
 "As a wildlife Rehabilitator we get asked all the time, why does it make a difference for one more squirrel, raccoon, groundhog, fawn? Because we have to help preserve the land that supports the animals to help keep the eco system balanced. Each wild animal is a vital link to the circle of life and it does make a difference to the one that is saved. "

I'm happy to make a difference!



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