Sunday, April 25, 2010

Unplanned Holidays

The universe works in mysterious ways. This past week I had an unplanned, unexpected “holiday” in the United Kingdom. Even though my schedule for the month was meticulously laid out, “the universe” had other arrangements for me.

So a three day trip to Manchester England with a 24 layover, turned into a 10 day trip with close to 200 hours to enjoy grand ol’ England (without thinking about the demise of my well outlined plans)

So in an on-going series of images from my unforeseen British Holiday, I will present the beautiful treasures that lie within Manchester England or a short train ride away.

First stop – York.

Home to the majestic York Minister, and quaint alley ways and charming pedestrian streets.

St. Mary’s Abbey and botanical gardens, was once the wealthiest Benedictine monastery in Northern England. Today what remains is a beautiful backdrop to a very popular Public Park.

You can see why this is the perfect setting for romance!

What I love so much about wandering through an unknown city, is the unexpected treasures you stumble upon – like Holy Trinity Church. Hidden between two buildings.

This enchanting little church, is surrounded by decaying tombstones, that are then surrounded by lovely daffodils!

This is a beautiful peaceful haven in the midst of a busy city.

York is mainly known as one of the few walled cities still in existence today. They encircle the city with 3 miles of walkways to enjoy. Originally built by the Romans to protect the city, what stands today was mostly built in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Yes, sometimes the universe doesn’t work in mysterious ways.

So – just go with it!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Theatrical Photography captures a dramatic scene. They usually look like frozen moments from a movie or familiar character we've read about in a novel.

This may be because the scene that is set evokes an emotion or feeling from a classical storyline, or clich├ęd subject.

Creativity, staging and a willing model make a theatrical shoot possible and produces some very memorable photographic moments.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Fest

Spring is well underway, with even hints of summer temperatures thrown in.

While the transformation is taking place, it always fascinates me that something so dead and lifeless really does have growth and energy inside!

What also strikes me this time of year, is the explosion of Yellow!

Witnessing the budding daffodils, and the vibrant display of the forsythia bush.

It's a welcome change from the brown unadorned trees, grey skies and dull grasses to the glowing sun and golden buds.

It is also the time of year that the gold finches dress up in their brightest plumage to show off for and get the attention of the nearest ladies.

Soon the yellows will have to share the stage with the other glorious spectrum of colors working their way onto the canvas.

Allowing the pinks and purples - white blooms and deep ruby petals to also shine in the limelight.

But I will always give thanks and appreciation to the yellows as being the pioneers of Spring!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Anything Goes

Anything Goes is the latest art exhibit soon to open at the Sussex County Arts and Heritage Council.

Exhibiting April 3rd through May 8th, the council will also host an opening reception for its members group exhibit on Saturday April 10th from 4 - 6 pm. Singer songwriter Carl Ferriere will be performing his original music. The event is open to the public.

Since the theme of this exhibit was open to the artists' choice of work, I have included two pieces from my Asbury Park series. What I love about these images are their size and graphics. Enlarged to 24x36 inches, the images are both bold and kitschy.

The mission of the Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council is to foster and promote the artistic and cultural vitality of Sussex County.  So stop by and support your local arts!

133 Spring St. Newton, NJ

(The weathered billboard of "Tillie" from the famous Asbury Park Wonder Bar, against the deep blue summer sky)


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