Friday, October 15, 2010

Corporate Headshots

Most of our lives today seem to be connected with the internet. This is especially true in the business world, marketing, advertising, and job searching.

Many employment searches are now being treated as marketing campaigns. With the product being - You!

That is why a professional headshot is required to make that first impression to your potential client or employer.
People like to put a visual image to a professional's credentials and achievements.
They say that 'a picture is worth a thousand words', and with this you are able to connect with richer professional networks online.

This first impression can be a basis for determining your competence, professionalism and demeanor that is created in your photograph.

In addition to professional networking sites, your headshot can also be required for company websites, business cards, speaking engagements and promotional materials.
Keep this in mind before you crop out a headshot from a family wedding picture, or aim a camera phone in your direction from an arm's length away!

Invest in a professional image that you and your clients can be proud of.


Saturday, October 2, 2010


 While hiking through the trails surrounding the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, I find myself living in the moment, discovering special encounters along each step of the way.

Often, the hiking trails lead us to glorious vistas,

or, secret waterfalls.

When I reach the destinations, I would wander around exploring, taking pictures or sit and eat a snack I brought along.

The whole time being proud of the accomplishment and resting up for the hike back.

Sometimes, it's the unexpected treasures that I discover along the way.

Like a classic demonstration of unconditional love,

or, watching two children experience the power and force of nature from a natural waterfall - up close and personal.

Always an adventure, as well as a cleansing of the mind and soul.

Friday, September 10, 2010

23rd Annual Skylands Juried Art Exhibition & Sale

This Saturday September 11, 2010 the Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council will be hosting the 23rd Annual Skylands Juried Art Exhibition and Sale.

Included in the show is Naiad of the Lakes, a piece from a series depicting a fountain in Rome which contains figures representing Four water nymphs: the Naiad of the Oceans, the Naiad of the Rivers, the Naiad of the Lakes and the Naiad of the Underground waters.

Quite shocking when the fountain was constructed, these four completely naked young female figures, whose bodies soaked by the water that gushed from a large nozzle at the back, glittered in the sun producing exotic images.

The exhibition takes place during the Tour of Art on Main Street in Newton New Jersey.

Tour of Art is a weeklong art exhibition and sale that takes place twice annually. The event is produced by Main Street in cooperation with Newton's Spring Street Merchants. Regional artists are selected and matched with local businesses that host the artwork.

Opening Artists' Reception: Saturday, September 11, 4-7 pm. 133 Spring Street Newton

Admission: $15 - Members, $25- At the door.
Catered by Perona Farms.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer Part II

I’m not sure if it’s the unofficial last weekend of summer, or my desperate attempt to hold onto the memories of beaches and sea breezes, or reminiscing the magically places I visited this year – but whatever the reason,
I'm hooked on beach images.

So to continue the theme from my last blog entry, I now present a tropical beach up-close and personal. Summer – which was my last post – reflected on the end of the summer season with a ‘bird’s eye view’ of one of mankind’s favorite past times…… honoring the seashore.

With every visit the air is different, the shades of color evolve and the mind quiets.

What a beautiful escape or…… discovery.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Even though the calendar says we still have a month left of summer, psychologically we all feel that this upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend officially ends the season.

With the end of our summer coming to a close, this is a great time to reflect on what our summer has brought into our lives.

We often use this time to gather with friends, enjoy great meals outdoors, take vacations with the family, enjoy nature with walks and hikes, or experiencing the ultimate summertime pleasure - finding a beach to just sit and be.

This is it, your week to relax and recharge, but most importantly enjoy!

"Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn't stop to enjoy it.”


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beauty Inside and Out

I really enjoy all my family portrait sessions, but when it's like getting together with a group of close friends, it seems to make the time go so fast.

Everyone appears more at ease, there is a lot of catching up in between shots, and it's just a fun time for me!

I'm also amazed that one family can have such beauty inside and out.

The interaction between everyone is relaxed, but with some lively energy thrown in.

Because I wanted to capture the unique appeal of everyone, I decided to set up a fake studio outside by the lake - complete with backdrop and off camera lighting.

This way I was able to have some 'one on one' time with each member of the family. Letting them have their moment to shine.

And shine they did!

Of course we needed to add in a dose of silliness, play acting, and good ol' horsing around.

Thank you once again for letting me capture these timeless, memories of your beautiful family.

Sometimes it's not the process of taking photographs that's important during a session like this, but the experience you come away with!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Early last year, I did a fun photo session with a small group for a martial arts studio.

It was a long afternoon of shooting, but the results were really special.

I'd like to present a series from that session that includes a gorgeous family sharing this common interest.

From an adorable young girl, eager to learn and absorb the lessons presented through this art, to a very talented (as well as photogenic mother) also passionate about this discipline, and a wonderfully involved father who completes the trio.

Because life keeps us on the run, with schedules, events, day to day obligations - we put things off until tomorrow, next week, next month ...... well you get the idea.

I recently received a call from the family interested in reviewing these images once again, determined to select prints so this time in their lives can be recorded, enjoyed and treasured throughout the years.

Here are my picks from that day.

I tend to favor the bold, crisp, look of the black and white with these images.

I love the relationships and connections that come together in many of these pairings together.

Enjoy the series, I hope this will help in your selection process!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Location, Location, Location...

One of my favorite environments to do a portrait session in is a barn.
Preferably a horse facility (and preferable with a horse involved with the shoot)

Each corner presents another wonderful back drop.
With peeling paint, weathered wood, open fields, hay bales and of course a beautiful model and handsome equine to top off the mix!

Enclosed pastures are perfect for including a curious horse without worrying about him getting loose - and into trouble!
Include a bright red velvet chair and you have a perfect accent to add a touch of contrast to the scene.

With each location, it's also fun to include some variety to the portraits by having a wardrobe change.

 Each style creates the scenes - whether it's a relaxed comfortable pose and setting, or a more put together look and traditional feel.

I also treasure the moments that just happen to come together, not so posed, but evoke a special bond or emotion.

Those can hardly be duplicated.
But when they happen it's just magic!

"A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves - strong, powerful, beautiful"....Pam Brown


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