Friday, May 28, 2010


What is Erotica?
A sensual image depicting desire and emotion. 
A direct focus on the aesthetic form of desire and sexuality.

My challenge was to capture and insight these feelings through implied imagery.

In recent years, erotica photography captures provocative images of male or female models posed to provoke feelings of desire and passion.

But in 1888, erotic expressions were often found in statues and sculptures.

One example is the beautiful Roman fountain of Fontana delle Naiadi.
The figures seen surrounding this fountain represent four Nymphs – the Naiad Oceans, the Naiad of Rivers, Lakes and Naiad ground water – each with a suggestive allegorical animal of their environment.

With cascading water, complete nudity, and lascivious poses – this proved to be too much for the Roman public. This new freedom of expression was not accustomed to and became quite controversial, resulting in being cordoned off to prevent further scandal.

Eventually the fence came down and the voluptuous virgins were visible for all to see, enjoy and imagine.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Small Works

This weekend kicks off the opening of the Small Works Exhibition at the Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council.

The Arts and Heritage council is a private, non-profit agency fostering and promoting the artistic and cultural vitality of Sussex County.

This, members only, show's opening reception is this Saturday May 15, 4-6pm and runs through June 5th.

Small works are limited in size to 12"x12" including frame.
Included in the exhibit are two pieces by me titled Divine Intervention.

As with all my work, I love the story behind the images that I create. These images were captured during my recent unexpected delay in Manchester England due to the eruption of the volcano - Eyjafjallajokull - in Iceland.

I was not upset so much because of the delay, but because I was without my camera on this trip now that I could get out and do some sightseeing!
Well, I wasn't totally without a camera.
I guess I still had my Iphone camera that I could use to record my adventures.
But, it wasn't going to be the same quality of images I am use to getting as a photographer.
Or was it????

My first day of cancelations took me to the quaint walled city of York.
It was beautiful and picturesque.
So, out came the Iphone and Istarted recording. After reviewing the images, I was really impressed by the quality this little machine was able to get.
So, I continued and started to get creative.

My Divine Intervention series is a result of the Iphone technology and some artistic rendering through photoshop.

I love the feeling and mood that is evoke through these two images taken at a church I stumbled upon in York.
I particularly like the light that was emitted during my visit.
A light beam filtered through the buildings as I walked through an ancient graveyard.
And the soft light coming through a church window illuminating a small desk used for prayer.

Sometimes when you are given lemons in life, the lemonade is soooo delicious!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Space

I often find myself in crowded spaces.
Crowded cities, airports, airplanes, highways, ect…

Sometimes we need to find “space” whether it’s in an area away from the crowds or even a place we can escape to mentally.

As I walk in crowds I can also find other people who have created a world away from the masses.

Humans are indeed social animals, but that doesn’t mean that carving out our own ‘space’ in a busy society is not desired and often needed.



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