Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A 40 minute train ride outside of Lisbon is what once was the sleepy little fishing village of Cascais.

Although still know for wonderful fresh seafood, Cascais, pronounced kush-kaish, is a much loved summertime playground for locals and tourists.

Easy to get around and a short walk from the train station to most accommodations, this small port town provides interesting walkways and picturesque scenes around every corner.

Decorative tiles accent every turn
Wave patterns line the pedestrian streets and walkways.

Many sandy beach opportunities for sunning, walking, swimmering, or just lounging and, of course, people watching.

Estoril, known at one time as the Portuguese Riviera, is just a short 2 km stroll along the tranquil coastline lined with palms.

It was memorable charming place when I came for the first time 20 years ago, as it is today.

Words cannot do Cascais justice, and that's not even mentioning the friendly - genuine people that make up this must see seaside treasure.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Letting Go

One thing I’ve realized about myself over the years is that I prefer my environment to be relatively controlled.

This part of me even includes planning my leisure time, especially travel vacations.

But, in this aspect, I don’t think I am alone. We all like to research where we are going, what we want to do, lists of things that need to be checked off. Especially with our world being so globally accessible through such vast internet availiblity – why not?

But, when the universe has “other” plans for you, well...... sometimes you just have to let go of that control.

Recently, my much researched, analyzed, scheduled vacation was canceled the day before.
I vowed to go somewhere, and had a great deal of flexibility, but only one day to plan – or gain control of my week abroad.
I ran to the bookstore and scanned the travel section........a destination was decided.

This would be my second time to visit this country, so I needed to make the experience unique. 20 years ago, we rented a car in Lisbon and explored the southern part of the country. Stayed in Porto Covo, Algarve, crossing over to Spain, went to a bullfight in Seville, climbed the rock of Gibraltar, and then headed back to Lisbon exploring the interior route.

This time I decided to head North, planning the excursion as we went.
This was very hard for me – but made for some wonderful experiences and discoveries.

First stop Lisboa.

Filled with clay rooftop vistas.
And quaint streets, above the hills of Alfama.

 As well as many voyeuristic views of stranger’s clean laundry, blowing in the gorgeous warm breeze.

Our arrival, greeted us with picture perfect weather, becoming the most amazing introduction to this diverse, and extremely friendly place.

Next stop ………… Cascais.



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