Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scenes from the Beach

The allure of the beach.

Enjoying the warmth of the sun, the playful waves, soft sand, and the beauty of the sunset.

To be a part of the experience also evokes the need to have a camera available and ready to shoot.

This evening, I had two willing and very good looking “models” to play in the surf and sand at the beach in Tel Aviv, Israel.

We recorded the transition of light that takes place during the setting sun.

The “Golden Hour” of Photography has always been known for the beautiful light that is created at sunrise and sunset.

The sunlight during this time, creates soft warm colors and romantic hues.

To capture the feel of walking on an isolated beach during peak vacation season, creative cropping and tools from Photoshop assist with the illusion.

The most important part of shooting on the beach is to have fun!

You can’t help but smile and laugh at the unexpected waves crashing against your legs.

Or the spontaneous moments that just happen!


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