Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A 40 minute train ride outside of Lisbon is what once was the sleepy little fishing village of Cascais.

Although still know for wonderful fresh seafood, Cascais, pronounced kush-kaish, is a much loved summertime playground for locals and tourists.

Easy to get around and a short walk from the train station to most accommodations, this small port town provides interesting walkways and picturesque scenes around every corner.

Decorative tiles accent every turn
Wave patterns line the pedestrian streets and walkways.

Many sandy beach opportunities for sunning, walking, swimmering, or just lounging and, of course, people watching.

Estoril, known at one time as the Portuguese Riviera, is just a short 2 km stroll along the tranquil coastline lined with palms.

It was memorable charming place when I came for the first time 20 years ago, as it is today.

Words cannot do Cascais justice, and that's not even mentioning the friendly - genuine people that make up this must see seaside treasure.

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