Saturday, July 17, 2010

Introducing - Robyn - My Guest Photographer

Photography means many things to different people. It can be a way to record a news event, a family gathering, exotic vacation, growing children or it can be a means of artistic expression.

Photography as an art form is often appreciated by many – but understood by few.

The technology of how photography works can be learned through text books, classes, workshops, and even the internet.

Exposure, aperture settings, speed, depth of field, and focus distance are all part of the science. Anyone can learn how to work the camera and get a perfect exposure. But not everyone can “create” an image.
Few can see outside the box, or explore the world around them through a different perspective.

My guest photographer, Robyn, understands the art of “seeing”. She is comfortable “breaking the rules” and creating a visual composition worth lingering over.

Robyn, is new to seeing life through the viewfinder of a camera.
But she gets it.
I was so excited to spend an afternoon with her shooting various subjects that caught her eye.
It was her first time using a digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera and some cumbersome lenses.

But she appeared at ease with the equipment, composing various shots that spoke to her.

After picking out a few favorites, and running them through a photo editing program to complete the final product.
I would like to present “An Afternoon at the Barn” by Robyn.

Thanks Robyn for being my guest, I look forward to more photo shoots together!


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