Friday, May 28, 2010


What is Erotica?
A sensual image depicting desire and emotion. 
A direct focus on the aesthetic form of desire and sexuality.

My challenge was to capture and insight these feelings through implied imagery.

In recent years, erotica photography captures provocative images of male or female models posed to provoke feelings of desire and passion.

But in 1888, erotic expressions were often found in statues and sculptures.

One example is the beautiful Roman fountain of Fontana delle Naiadi.
The figures seen surrounding this fountain represent four Nymphs – the Naiad Oceans, the Naiad of Rivers, Lakes and Naiad ground water – each with a suggestive allegorical animal of their environment.

With cascading water, complete nudity, and lascivious poses – this proved to be too much for the Roman public. This new freedom of expression was not accustomed to and became quite controversial, resulting in being cordoned off to prevent further scandal.

Eventually the fence came down and the voluptuous virgins were visible for all to see, enjoy and imagine.



Missy Ricco said...

this series is particularly beautiful.

Susan Kozlowski said...

Yes, I love this one too!

foto-rolero54 said...

Very beautiful series, splendid treatment, really well.


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