Friday, August 13, 2010

Early last year, I did a fun photo session with a small group for a martial arts studio.

It was a long afternoon of shooting, but the results were really special.

I'd like to present a series from that session that includes a gorgeous family sharing this common interest.

From an adorable young girl, eager to learn and absorb the lessons presented through this art, to a very talented (as well as photogenic mother) also passionate about this discipline, and a wonderfully involved father who completes the trio.

Because life keeps us on the run, with schedules, events, day to day obligations - we put things off until tomorrow, next week, next month ...... well you get the idea.

I recently received a call from the family interested in reviewing these images once again, determined to select prints so this time in their lives can be recorded, enjoyed and treasured throughout the years.

Here are my picks from that day.

I tend to favor the bold, crisp, look of the black and white with these images.

I love the relationships and connections that come together in many of these pairings together.

Enjoy the series, I hope this will help in your selection process!


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