Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beauty Inside and Out

I really enjoy all my family portrait sessions, but when it's like getting together with a group of close friends, it seems to make the time go so fast.

Everyone appears more at ease, there is a lot of catching up in between shots, and it's just a fun time for me!

I'm also amazed that one family can have such beauty inside and out.

The interaction between everyone is relaxed, but with some lively energy thrown in.

Because I wanted to capture the unique appeal of everyone, I decided to set up a fake studio outside by the lake - complete with backdrop and off camera lighting.

This way I was able to have some 'one on one' time with each member of the family. Letting them have their moment to shine.

And shine they did!

Of course we needed to add in a dose of silliness, play acting, and good ol' horsing around.

Thank you once again for letting me capture these timeless, memories of your beautiful family.

Sometimes it's not the process of taking photographs that's important during a session like this, but the experience you come away with!


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