Monday, March 9, 2009

Trash the Dress - In the Snow (Part II)

Photographing in the winter can present many challenges.
I mentioned one of the biggest challenges in my previous blog post - the harsh conditions involving cold and bitter wind.

There is also the challenge of shooting a white object - SNOW!
Many times the result can be a grayish hue making the snow look dirty. Other times the brilliance and brightness of the snow yield an over-exposed image with no detail or texture in the landscape.
But I would like to talk about the rewards associated with working in the snow. For one, you have a fairly "monochromatic" palette before you!

Monochrome photography is usually assumed to be about black and white. Monochrome simply means "of one color".
The winter landscape usually presents itself as monochromatic. The colors tend to be of a very neutral nature.
So what better scenario is there that allows the 'artist' or photographer the ability to project a splash of color.
Doing this by selectively adding simple objects of brilliant pigmentation. The impact instills importance and emphasis on the selective color as well as the shapes that frame the image.

Adding depth and intensity to an image by incorporating just a "splash of color" (against the starkness of a winter backdrop) can deliver drama and strength back into your story.
The results are simplistic, yet strong.


roentarre said...


You make the job looking so easy.

Her smile is even more charming than the last post. I like the dreamy look of the last shot especially!

Susan Kozlowski said...

Thank you! I appreciate your feedback. And yes, she does have a charming smile!


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