Thursday, March 26, 2009

Session with Kerri

One of the joys of photography is the connection created between you and your subject.

The energy, emotion and mood is made possible through this interaction.

I have been very fortunate to encounter many wonderful personalities and exchanges with the people I photograph.
Being able to express yourself without feeling self conscious, is a quality and formula that is apparent immediately in the final product of the shoot.

The role of photographer is to put your subject at ease in front of the camera. Often, this is established well before the session itself even takes place.
Meeting with your subject and creating a comfortable rapport, as well as talking about various expectations, is an integral part of establishing this initial relationship.

Communication is key.

It is important to clearly direct your subject and have them understand what it is you want in your final image. Some things just happen naturally while others need more input from the photographer.

The results of clear communication produces a naturalness with stunning rewards!

These "rewards" can be seen here in my photo session with Kerri.

Kerri is one of my favorite subjects because she "gets it". Her beauty, ease and sensitivity are effortlessly expressed through the camera lens.

She is fun, energetic and most importantly, willing to try just about anything!

I will share some of Kerri's more adventurous photos captured during a recent Trash the Dress session in an upcoming post. They are quite fun and exceptionally beautiful. Don't miss it!

Thank You Kerri!


roentarre said...

You have captured her elegance in this series. Good light

Susan Kozlowski said...

We were fortunate to have a beautiful overcast day that produced amazing light!


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