Sunday, March 1, 2009

Details of Character

Many of my "equine" friends and acquaintances are distinctly know by their unique characteristics. These features can be recognizable in physical or personality traits.
To demonstrate this, I have put together a photography project that focuses on the details that set each horse apart from the others.

These attributes can only be identified by their close
"human" companions - obvious to some but others are more subtle.

Whether it's a distinct palomino blond.
Or the liquid eye of our compassionate sidekick

The spotted butt of our Appaloosa cross

The annoying vice of chewing expensive leather reins!

Or, the habit of displaying their tongue - much to the chagrin of their owner!

Uniqueness is what endears us to one another. We embrace our differences and love these traits. It's these distinctions that set us apart and make us who we are. Why not focus on these wonderful traits and celebrate our individuality!


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