Monday, March 30, 2009

Session with Kerri Part II

Using natural available light for portraiture is a beautiful effect. The day I had a session with Kerri the sky was overcast, creating a gorgeous diffuse light. This low contrast lighting worked in our favor to produce soft lighting which eliminates unflattering shadows.

Just to set the record straight - Kerri is not a bride (yet), but she plays one for me in our TTD (trash the dress) sessions.

Because of the very comfortable rapport created prior to the shoot (and our familiarity with one another) the connection between model and photographer was amazing.

I love photographing Kerri, because she is so 'at ease' during the shoot while being directed both physically and emotionally. Her poses are very natural. You can see her beauty exposed as well as her unique individuality.

These collaborative moments are what a portrait photographer strives for.

In this Part II series, I wanted to include images that accent a softness delivered by Kerri and overall feel of femininity that transforms a woman when she steps into a wedding dress.

This prelude, is an interesting set up for the more "amusing" surroundings we find Kerri in as she continues to "Trash the Dress".

Stay tuned for my Session with Kerri Part III - (this time we do trash the dress)!

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roentarre said...

3 styles of shoot in this post

The true skin details tend to impress me a lot more than the gaussian blurr in the last one. I guess men can have very different perspective comparing to women for sure.

I really like your first two shots. Available light photography requires more thinking than studio ones in my opinions


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