Friday, October 2, 2009

Traveling by Train

The romanticism of traveling by train, allows a moving picture of spectacular scenes whisk past for one to see, observe and appreciate.

Often times the option to use the train system is economical, expedient and most of all picturesque.

This particular train ride took me from Krakow, Poland to Warsaw.

The journey lasted over two hours and transported me through the lush countryside and bucolic beauty of this land.

On both sides of the window more scenery unfolded.

Traveling by train reminds me of a simpler time. Rural scenes presented before me evoke the same feeling of simplicity.

A farmer working his land, two bicyclists on a country road, and then the whistle blows several times to announce our arrival.

The voyage has ended.

We slow to a stop, green pastures and rolling hills are replaced by concrete walkways, and socialist architecture.

My afternoon was truly enchanting and much admired.


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