Thursday, October 29, 2009

Family Connections

Gearing up for an exciting family session this weekend, had me “brain storming” for ways to reveal a family connection.

Besides preparing the equipment with clean lenses, fresh batteries, new memory cards and recharged cameras, ideas for poses are reviewed and any additional props added.

In this session, the location I chose was a beautiful setting along a tranquil lake. The vibrant backdrop was provided by none other than Ms Mother Nature herself as well as some spectacular backlighting!

Because of the very damp, wet conditions of the day before. Seating was in the form of several straw bales (very appropriate for this time of year) and a simple tweed blanket for an accent.

Now let’s begin the fun!

I’m always thrilled with a family’s attention to their coordinated wardrobe for a group shot.

The parents looked amazing in their natural brown tones.  

While the children looked fun and they really popped out in bright red shirts with one blue to add contrast.
Way to go!

When getting everyone together in a shot, I strive to see their bonds and connection

It always seem to happen quite naturally, but sometimes I might help with a hand placement here or ask for a lean in there. It really is a natural thing when you have a family that is genuinely as close as this family.

Not only did I get to spend some time with and have the honor to photograph a true family moment, but I can honestly say that I have gotten to know this family as incredibly beautiful inside and out!

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