Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Family Portraits

Family portraits this time of year are quite exceptional.

The colorful Fall foliage as a natural backdrop is hard to beat.

It’s a fleeting desire I hear from so many people – “I’d love to have a family portrait but……..”.

Yes, we can all relate, it’s hard to schedule the family to be all in one place for an hour! Let alone, iron and pick out what to wear, fix your hair, and maybe bring the dog to the groomers! Yes, we end up talking ourselves out of this much desired fantasy.

But, so what if a hair is out of place or the shirt doesn’t have a perfect crease, and Fido rolled in something smelly.

The overall image is a family together in this moment of time. A moment we will never get back again, a moment that’s real yet beautifully exposed, carefully set up, and flattering to all.

A keepsake portrait was so valued generations ago, and even treasured, displayed, and passed down through the family over the years.

In this day and age of overexposure, staggering digital snapshots, and forgotten cell phone captures, (that are easily deleted and stored …. well….. somewhere?).

Why not take the time; make the time - to create a record of your family’s life now. A keepsake portrait, you can pass down and be proud of for years to come.

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tolu said...

a wonderful set of delicious orange autumny goodness :-)


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