Thursday, May 7, 2009

Living in the Present

One of the things I love about my photography is that it allows me to focus on the moment.

Most of the time we spend an inordinate number of our moments reviewing our past, or fidgeting in the present, or worrying about the future.
We miss many of the simple, unexpected elements of life that way.

On a recent walk, I came upon an environment that fascinated me.
I stopped and focused exclusively on this place.

It was the small details, interesting shapes, fascinating textures and of course the vibrant colors that held my interest for many moments.
Time was able to stand still.
I observed, appreciated, and created my compositions through the camera lens.

Making the conscious effort to enjoy each moment will make your inner quest and awareness that much easier.
Go ahead - can you stop time???
I dare you. Give it a try.

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