Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cats of Tel Aviv

My many visits to Tel Aviv, Israel is never without the plethora of stray cats around. Cats are seen hanging out, strutting around, ever napping and looking for hand outs.

I do have a fascination with cats so their presence does intrige me. They seem to have a special status in Tel Aviv. They are left alone and city animal control officials essentially ignore them. Dogs on the other hand must be muzzled, leashed and most of all owned, registered and tagged!

On one of my walks along the beach I came upon a scrawny cat looking for a hand out.

Unfortunately, I just carried my camera and nothing else. She continued on her way when it was apparent I was worthless to her.

Before I left, I heard some more cries and saw an adorable kitten emerge from the rocks along the beach.
It didn't look anything like the adult cat, but they were quite comfortable with each other.

Suddenly, a second black kitten comes wandering out crying and looking as cute as can be!
Their bellies are hungry and I'm feeling terrible that I have nothing to offer them.

Now a third kitten arrives and I'm in trouble!
I need to help these hungry kittens, so I think about the last store I may have passed on my walk that might have food for this mixed family.
I back track and find relief.
Canned fish should do!

I quickly return with my feast for the felines, but none to be found. Hm?

I decided to crack open the can and leave it on the rocks for their return.
And return they did!
The whole pride came out to investigate their good fortune and feast!

I suppose I am not the only softy to encounter these charmers, I did see a dish amongst the rocks filled with fresh water for these furry flirts.

In my travels around Tel Aviv, yes the felines rule and the rodents are scarce.
It's a good balance.

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