Thursday, May 21, 2009

Family Portraits

Many times I hear people say "I really need to have a family portrait done". But like so many things in our lives, we put off things we'd like to do because life becomes too busy.

We even put off things we really should do, because there is always tomorrow.

But time goes by, children grow up, our lives change and before we even realize it, our opportunity to document the here and now in our lives has past.

Family portraits are keepsake moments that are treasured items. Over the years, they get passed down from generation to generation. It not only documents our heritage and family relationships, but it also records what our lives represent.

My recent session with a wonderful family that I've developed a great relationship with over the past year, was fantastic.

We worried about unsettling weather forecast for our afternoon together, but because of the dependably "unreliable" weathermen in the New Jersey area - we were blessed with near perfect conditions!

I have to admit that after I got home and downloaded the images from the session I was very disappointed. I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me, because there were soooo many INCREDIBLE images to go through! It was going to be very difficult to narrow down the final ones. I'm torn because I still am left with so many great shots. I hope my clients will not mind viewing the many images I just had to share with them from our session.

As you can see, not only did I have a beautiful family to work with, BUT gorgeous horses too! Yes, once again I am able to combine my two favorite things. People Portraiture as well as Equine Portraiture.

Enjoy this sampling of images from the shoot.

So next time you think "I really need to have a family portrait done", don't wait, schedule a session, keep your fingers crossed and maybe the weathermen will call for rain like they did for this particular day. You won't regret it!


along2481 said...

its really nice ficture and very beautyful for your son!!!

Laura said...

Hi - found your blog from onthebit's... Love the pictures of that family with the horses/hay! Looks sooo much neater than the typical posed photos!


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