Sunday, January 3, 2010

Healing Crystals

With the New Year underway, we feel a rebirth during this time – a new beginning – a clean slate.

One way to begin a cleanse is to become familiar with the ancient yet intriguing use of crystals in our lives for health healing and happiness.
Crystals attract each and every one of us, whether it’s identifying our “lucky” birthstone, their use ground up in many substances, or their use as spiritual benefits.
It’s hard not to resist their natural beauty and to learn about the qualities each one holds.

Amethyst (with its stunning purple color.)
The crystal mostly forms in geodes, in rock cavities left by volcanic gas bubbles.
Spiritually, amethyst is calming and helps to maintain equilibrium in all situations.

Brazilian Agate can be found in its natural form or dyed to bring out the details of the geode it is found in. This mineral can be used to facilitate immense strength, and to assist one in diversification in fields of endeavor.

Tiger’s Eye is also a member of the quartz family.
As light reflects off the fibers in the stone, the silky stripes of brown and gold seem to move and change. It is used as a protective and powerful amulet.

Clear Quartz is the most common crystal and easy to identify by their distorted hexagonal cross-section, long prisms and six-faced termination.
It is used to cleanse and shift energy as well as bring clarity of thought and sharpness of perception.
Also, ideal for meditation and contemplation.

The cleansing and recharging of crystals is an important part of their care. Crystals function by absorbing energy from its surroundings into its internal structure, where imbalances are corrected.
If it is not cleansed, the crystal becomes overloaded and reduces its effectiveness.

One method used for cleanse is water and sunlight.
This week also provided an ideal atmosphere for crystal cleansing.
On New Year’s Eve, my crystals were cleansed by a brilliant snow fall, followed by spending the entire evening with the Blue Moon (a second full moon in the same month period).
Plus, did I mention the significance of ending one year and beginning anew!

I’m very excited about my crystal collection. I vow to program my crystals with wonderful intentions and keep them cleansed and balanced.

It’s a refreshing way to start the New Year not only for my crystals but for my life’s path as well.

Happy New Year!


T Love, Reiki Master/Sound Therapist said...

Crystals are one of the most wonderful gifts we receive from
Gaia. What a perfect way to start your new year! Intending your crystals bestow wonderful things upon you and yours!

Susan Kozlowski said...

The more I learn the more entranced I become. Thank you for your kind intent!


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