Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Great Horses

Not only does starting a new year indicate an opportunity for new beginnings, but it also lets us reflect on the year that’s been and what we have left behind.

I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to an equine companion that passed this past month.

Like all our animal connections, each one teaches us lessons in life. We form bonds and learn more about ourselves through the patience, and unconditional love found in these relationships.

But as most of us have experienced, whether it was a childhood bird, hamster or even a family dog, that we have to say goodbye and remember the love God’s creature brought into our lives.

To Ronan.

"Somewhere… somewhere in time’s own space.

There must be some sweet pastured place.

Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow.

Some paradise where horses go.

For by the love that guides my pen.

I know great horses live again.”

-Stanley Harrison


Laura said...

The last image looks like a painting! Good work.

roentarre said...

Your horse pictures are done gracefully and elegantly.

Susan Kozlowski said...

Thank you for visiting and your comments. Horses and photography do combine my 2 favorite passions!


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