Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Gratitude

Tis the Season.
The season for what?
To be Jolly?
Wow, that could put on the pressure.

I’m looking around at the faces I see, and I don’t see a lot of “jolly”.
Is it the stress caused by having to be jolly?
Meeting deadlines?
Consumed by commercialism and possible debt?

I have to admit, I do love the holidays – but yes, the magic is lost sometimes.

As I tried to refocus on what is important at this time – I decided to go for a walk. The day was cold, but sunny with a layer of snow on the ground. It was quite beautiful.

I realized that the biggest gift this time of year, and throughout the year, is the gift of nature.

The beauty of peeling bark from a birch tree.

Nature’s pinecone ornaments.

An abandoned house wren’s nesting birdhouse.

Empty bird baths.

Mysterious animal foot prints in the snow.

It’s amazing the little tableaux that you find when you seek and look.

As we rush around from mall to mall, do yourself a favor. See the gifts that are provided for our pleasure – for free, from our creator. The gift of nature. Take it in, give thanks.

Best Wishes to All!

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