Monday, January 25, 2010

Portfolio Building

A collection of photographs to build a model’s portfolio should include appeal, diversity, basic posing and visual impact using the still image.

Having a beautiful subject to work with is always a plus!

I find that it is my job, as a photographer to create a fun, comfortable environment for the model as well as a mood that may be used to sell a product to a potential viewer.



Youthful Beauty.

I like to establish an idea or concept and use this to achieve several ‘looks’ in one session. Each challenge may emphasize a different aspect or feature.

Maybe it’s porcelain skin.

Or a warm smile.

I enjoyed this session very much. I could even see the confidence and self esteem build throughout.

I often use photos from magazines and compile a collection of head and body shots to help visualize the goals of the shoot. It helps illustrate to the model looks we are trying to achieve.

A model’s portfolio should highlight unique assets. This includes a range of facial expressions and moods. We covered all the necessary needs for creating a Strong, Professional, Eye-catching, and quite Amazing Book!


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