Monday, November 30, 2009

Sacrifice Flowers

Stories of Awe & Abundance by Jose Hobday is a wonderful collection of stories about prayer and spirituality.

Sister Jose Hobday tells stories drawn from her own experience growing up as a Native American Catholic in the American Southwest.

One story, titled The Sacrifice Flower, is about using prayer and nature when feeling low or burdened.

When something was weighing heavy on her mind, Jose’s mother would tell her that she thought it was time to go outside and find a Sacrifice Flower.

This special flower is carefully picked for its essential spiritual purpose.

Once picked, Jose told the flower what burden she wanted lifted and taken to God. Since it was a Sacrifice Flower, it was one that was going to die. The idea was that as life went out of the flower, it would carry with it - her prayer.

It was not placed in water, but held a predominant place on a shelf easily seen as she came in and out.

Every time she saw the flower, she could see it giving its life for her, and could imagine her prayer being carried to God.

In weeks or even sometimes in a matter of days, the flower finally died.
She would take it outside, say good-bye to it and thank it for giving its life for her and for delivering her intention.

Then she would bury it so it would have a chance at a new life, and she always hoped it would come back as an even greater flower.

The power of prayer and its uplifting message can easily be found in our natural surroundings.

The allure of Sacrifice Flowers can not only be seen in it's life, but the intricate beauty found in it's death.


Evergreen Thoughts said...

Nice,Wonderful,Amazing Photographs Of Flower.It touches my heart.Be in touch

nothingprofound said...

Beautiful photos and an inspiring text to go along with it.

Justin Reid said...

Very creative idea and beautiful pictures.


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