Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Families - where your story begins

Meeting for a family portrait this weekend, it was a natural choice to shoot outdoors for this very outdoorsy family. We were very fortunate to have one the last gorgeous days of Autumn.

As I was scouting out a place for our shoot, it became a bit challenging on this early morning, because it was so sunny with little places of shade. (Most of the leaves have since fallen)

However, we did find some areas for nice even lighting.

Our next challenge was a family portrait with one very energetic family dog – in formal attire, of course.

(check out the fancy tie!)

Surprisingly, he was adorable and held his poses like a true professional.

I could not help to notice a very cool creation in the middle of the woods on their property. A graffiti wall with the words “Wall of Death” - hmmmm

(Not wanting to know toooo much, I felt relatively safe being it was 9:30am and having some adult supervision with me)
I asked the artists to pose in front of their creation for some shots with attitude! Love it.

Our next location was down by the lake. I know this family uses this lake often for fishing, kayaking, and swimming, it is definitely a part of their lives.  So naturally a perfect place to go.

The morning light illuminated the background and provided a warm glow to surround this attractive family.

A couple individual shots of the boys – beautiful brown eyes!

And such a warm smile.

We couldn’t forget a few of just Doug and Lynn too!

Natural, friendly, laid back and so down to earth is how I would describe this couple.

It wasn’t until this point that I noticed their awesome boots! (Gotta get me a pair)

Thank you all so much for letting me into your lives this morning! I had a great time and an amazing session.


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