Tuesday, November 24, 2009



At what age do we become unique?

I think we fluctuate throughout our lives with letting our true essence stand out and trying to blend.

After all, we do need to fit in at times.  But what fun is that?
Children just don't 'get' having to Blend.

I love making collages that include a repertoire of expressions.

(Especially if the collection comes from a 5 year, a 4 year, and even a 3 week old!)
What child doesn't like to be an individual - do their own thing - beat to their own drum!

"Say cheese" - now that's boring
Silly Faces! - Now that's fun!

But seriously, we do need some classic smiles and geniune poses from time to time, right?

We can still maintain our individuality and bond, whether it's with your sister, or brother, or even your brand new cousin.

And what better way to see a personality develop than with a precious little baby.

Experiencing, seeing, discovering, and learning all on their own.

Fortunately, there are plenty of teachers nearby to help and guide.

And .....well.....they are always there to show us how to be ourselves -

Whatever that may be?


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roentarre said...

The personality came through very well

Gorgeous set of images!


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