Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Day in Delhi

Delhi – the capital of India for a thousand years and the heart of Northern India.

The experience of just simply being in Delhi is what one remembers, as opposed to seeing any one sight.

If you do need an agenda for your trip, you will find an array of monuments, parks, gardens, markets, hotels, clubs, pubs, discotheques, food and festivals.

A visit to Old Delhi is a heightened alert for all of one’s senses. The sights, sounds, and smells are like no other and what visitors are mesmerized by.

Narrow lanes, congested alleyways and mysterious passages ways make up the experience of this ancient city.
Spaghetti like wires and such overhead “barely” keep the water and electricity flowing. But among this chaos, some sort of organization prevails as seen through my cycle rickshaw.
It is an amalgam of past and present. Fascinating religions (Hinduism making up 82% and 11% Muslim), variety of language (more than 200), historic monuments, Sari clad women on the back of motorcycles and a growing trend in modern technology make up the scene presented to the visitor.

The shopping in Delhi can be quite additive. Bargaining a must, with the process being part of the excitement in acquiring you’re 'meant to be' possessions.

Traditional Indian handicrafts, beautiful vibrant fabrics, silver jewelry, flowing sari’s, and ethnic garments are some of the treasures encountered as you make your way through the shops and maze of stalls.

Varied cultural and spiritual customs abound throughout the country.

Himalayan brass singing bowls are used in sacred sound practices and aide in meditation.

Yes, it is just simply the experience of being in Delhi that is most memorable.


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