Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Role Playing

In our determination to make lemonade out of lemons, my muse for the week agreed to continue our photo shoot after our unfortunate accident the week prior.

Even with the SEVEN stitches under her lower lip, the injuries are undetectable.

Because my model was unfazed by this mishap, love this girl, we came up with a concept for this next shoot so that it would work to our advantage.

I do enjoy “role playing” when putting together various ideas for a session. It’s also fun for the people being photographed.
We create a scene, image, idea, and several concepts – gather our props – and roll with it.

Working with a swollen lip and facial stitches, we came up with a character, fictional or possibly based on truth, which was beautiful, but edgy.

Someone intriguing, but slightly intimating.

The viewer is drawn into the scene but senses warning signs – “keep your distance”!

I like it, mainly because when I compare the shoot from last week with the SAME model, I get a totally different feel from the images.

The person in front of the camera can be completely adaptable to the role or setting they become a part of.

I love this contrast.

Aren't we all contradictions anyways??

However, don’t be too fooled by this tough girl role playing.

Deep down inside we find sweetness and unconditional love.
Who cannot resist the sloppy “dog kisses” so generously offered.

We tried to get our ‘lover’ dog to role play with us. We asked for a fierce, mean, growling, attacking pose – but all he was able to offer us was his “cute” look.

Oh well, Gotta love it!

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