Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

Spending the weekend immersed in the incredible and lush Adirondack State Park, located in New York, means ultimately getting back to the simplicity of nature.

It’s a wonderful way to escape our hurried lives and breath in the abundance found in the great outdoors.

Getting up close and personal with nature is a great oppurtunity to discover the small, many times, overlooked treasures by attaching a macro lens to my camera.

Macro photography is the art of taking close-up pictures that reveal details which many of us miss with the naked eye.

We walk past the trees, shrubs, and summer flowers but what about the grasses, or tiny wildflowers covering the earth hidden from our line of sight.

Many of these beauties are missed because it means getting down on hands and knees to observe the beauty and detail found undiscovered in nature's little treasures.

A macro lens gives us a glimpse into this very small world, which goes largely unnoticed as we plod on through the woods.

When getting up-close to capture an image with a macro attachment, there is a limited “depth of field”, an important consideration to be aware of when photographing.

It is essential to critically focus on the most important aspect of the subject.
The elements closer or farther from the plane of focus might be noticeably blurry.
This blurry effect aesthetically sets the subject apart from which can be a ‘distracting’ background at times.
The subject pops out to reveal the true beauty and detail found in the exquisite make up of nature’s wonders.

A walk in the woods can take place anywhere on earth – the Adirondacks, the Rocky Mountains, or the even your own backyard.

Most importantly, the experience is yours to discover. Your moment with nature.

So, get down low, experience the wondrous little glories you can discover by just slowing down and discovering the delicate beauties under our feet!

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