Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Along Came A Spider

A project I will be working on this Fall is a collaborated effort incorporating my photographs with another's autobiographical memoir.

It is a powerful story of a young woman's fight to survive, overcome and prevail.

Images accompanying the book will be from a series of portraits I've taken interweaving the visual imagery with excerpts from the memoir.

This piece titled "Along Came a Spider" is a teaser or just one example of the author's many stories and images behind the stories.
Excerpt - The therapist sat there in shock as I lifted the spider up in my hands, opened the window, and put him outside.
She replied, "You're right, who am I to decide. Funny how you jumped to save that spider, but you won't raise an eyebrow for yourself. Are you sure you like yourself? Are you sure you like yourself as much as you say? Are you willing to save yourself?"
"It's too late." I replied.
"I've already been smashed."

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