Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scenes from Poland

Poland – a country reinventing itself.

From the painful past of WWII and the Nazi regime; to final unification and freedom from Communism only 20 years ago.

I was fascinated by the turbulent past endured by the Polish people to the beautiful tourist friendly destination it is becoming.

My recent visit this month became a crash course in Polish history both past and present.

Many painful realities are part of the history including Auschwitz, established as a National Museum of Martyrology, to the celebration of the successful Solidarity Movement June 4th, 1989 which resulted in toppling of the Communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe.

The people of Poland have exceeded.
The rebuilding of their country - impressive.

Many friendly faces understand the difficulty of their language and excuse the visitor’s lack of even trying to master this dialect.

Outdoor cafes are prevalent, food is abundant, local dishes – delicious, and the beer is refreshing.
Beautiful castles, frequent churches, communistic architecture, and classic old town squares!

Because of their total destruction and obliteration during the war, the old towns in Warsaw and the heart of ancient Gdansk have been rebuilt to their former splendor.

A place to reflect on the past and celebrate the future. A place to appreciate the moment and explore the unknown.

I even had a sense of familiarity from my cultural upbringing, however far removed.

Still feeling the connection and an appreciation for the people and the land of Poland!

And yes, even the horses have blue eyes!


roentarre said...

Poland is the country that I want to visit. So full of culture and colour there

Susan Kozlowski said...

You definitely should visit, it's an incredible place!


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