Sunday, June 21, 2009

Luna Parc

Luna Parc is the creation and residence of artist Ricky Boscarino. Tucked away among the lush woods of Northwest New Jersey, Ricky has created an oasis described to me as “Dr. Seuss meets Willy Wonka”.

Eclecticism, abstract expressionism, and art nouveau are just a few of the influences found in Luna Parc. Producing architectural works that reflect his ideas and concepts, while making art a part of Ricky’s everyday life.

The scene is a “Pop Art” explosion. Using mass produced objects of popular culture, isolating them or combining them with other hand-made objects, his art employs much kitsch as well as creative sculptures and hand made pieces that target a broad audience.

The collage of imagery mirrors the angles and curves in nature, incorporating these themes into his designs and mosaics.

Many pieces are recognizable, I found myself pointing out hidden treasures and items out loud for my companions to notice and appreciate. Many of us seem to have a pull towards this recognition of certain objects.

Whimsy, satire, fantasy, humor, curiosity, admiration, innovation, and irony are just a few descriptive words that come to mind when touring through Luna Parc.

The grounds contain his sculpture garden as well as various out buildings.

Blue and Green glass ‘trees’, whimsical benches and signs, a Twig-loo, an Eiffel Tower sculpture made of bowling trophies, a Christmas house, and a gingerbread-like Chapel dedicated to his Sicilian grandfather – Giuseppe.

The chapel is surrounded by abandoned crutches symbolizing a story told by his grandfather who witnessed a miracle in Sicily.
The Chapel of Saints is also available for weddings, which can be performed by Ricky who is an ordained minister.

The brilliantly colored surroundings are also enhanced by the natural beauty used as its backdrop. Beautiful flowering perennials are everywhere including Foxgloves and Alliums. Every season must create a new environment and palette for Luna Parc with the lush greens of Spring, bright sunshine of Summer, vibrant colors in the Fall and the monochromatic backdrop of Winter.

One of the highlighted features in the home, believe it or not, was Ricky’s circular bathroom.

Covered entirely with mosaic tiles, the room includes stained glass windows, a gravy boat water feature, and whirlpool tub and in the center an open shower beneath a gorgeous dome cupola.

Mr. Boscarino's creations require an enormous amount of collected objects. Since he alone is unable to fulfill this requirement, he can help “cure” others of their pack rat ways by making requests to "donate your found objects and treasures" for the works contained in Luna Parc.

Luna Parc is not open to the public. Ricky does have two open houses a year covering three days each. The tour is free and makes for an incredible, fun, and hallucinogenic experience. Also a must is checking out the unique one of a kind pottery and jewelry created by the “artist in residence”. If you missed the tour, take a virtual tour on his website and make note of his upcoming art shows as well.


TitansFan said...

That is all cool art! I bought a new Whirlpool Tub and decorating around these things can be difficult. Thanks for the ideas.

Susan Kozlowski said...

Yes, I agree. Touring this place inspires you to create your own artistic expression in the environment you live. Art should surround us!

Kathy Morawski said...

I'm so glad you got to experience Ricky's art! It's so cool being inspired! Great job on the blog!

Susan Kozlowski said...

Thanks Kathy - It's one think to hear about it or see it on a website, but quite another to experience it and to met the Artist himself!


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