Monday, June 1, 2009

Equestrian Portraits

As mentioned before, I do enjoy combining my love for horses and photography. An Equine Portrait Session is usually something that you can’t fully prepare for. Working with horses is wonderful and beautiful but totally unpredictable.

My session this weekend was not any different. I found myself lucky to have a lovely woman and her noble retired dressage horse to work with.
General, or Mexican General from his halter, is a much loved horse retired from his riding career at a relatively young age.

The woman, who owns him, and adores him, has decided to allow her 'friend' to live a life of wellness and peace at a beautiful little barn surrounded by green grass and rolling hills.

Many horse owners I meet love their horses, but I could tell this woman was exceptional. She realizes the gift she has been given with General being a part of her life. And although their time together doesn’t involve being tacked up and ridden, trained and expected to perform – it’s still special and quite meaningful.

I was so glad General was chosen for this photo shoot (another horse was also considered for the session – but Mexican General was the one!)

Even though the usually quiet and peaceful barn was inundated with unexpected activity – I could see the gentleman qualities of this mature horse. He had some challenging activities competing for his attention, but all in all he remained focused and allowed us to pose him and concentrate on the photo shoot.

These two had formed a close and trusting relationship with one another. The connection was very apparent.

I left feeling really good to have met a true horse woman.
One who is dedicated, loyal and understanding to her equine companion.


OnTheBit said...

They turned out wonderfully! I am amazed you got anything since Gen and I were both total pains in the butt during the shoot! You got so many great pictures to choose from. I am so excited! Thank you so much and you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I like the 3rd, 4th and last ones best (or better since I didn't choose just one!)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great job on the pictures. They both look so good together.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful work! Taking good photos of horses is the hardest thing in the world to do! You really captured the essence of what it is to have a relationship with one of these special animals. I wish you were in my area - I would hire you in an instant.


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