Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Session with Kerri - Part III

What can I say about my friend Kerri, in a wedding dress, that she needs to trash..........

Well, nothing that these pictures can't say for themselves

As mentioned in an earlier post, a "trash - the - dress" session is about having a fun photo shoot in your wedding dress (prom dress, or any dressed up attire), in locations that are in complete contrast to your formal wear.

This session with Kerri, was on a relatively mild March afternoon. After much snow and rain, the conditions were perfect for creating mud, muck and lots of it.

Our first location was in a pasture, in perfect conditions, is lush and green. But in early March we have a setting that is quite muddy with much manure.

Surprisingly, Kerri feels right at home! Place her in down and strike a pose! (or two).

Next, we come upon a parked field tractor. What the heck, climb aboard - wedding dress and all!

Our next scenario is to have Kerri "frolic" with some horses turned out in the field. As she approaches the horses in her big white dress, they take one look at this "uncommon ghostly figure" and tear off into a full out gallop across the pasture. Oh well, so much for that idea!

Fortunately we did come upon (right at that moment) two semi-white 'barn' Westies. They didn't hold any prejudices against our lovely bride and came running over for some fun and attention.

If we couldn't convince the field horse's to play with us, than we would find some stabled horses that didn't have the luxury of running away. Oz was most accommodating for the shoot.

Finally , we wrap up the afternoon up with some incredible light pouring in from the upper hay loft. Stunning.

What a trooper Kerri! Beautiful, adventurous, and always up for the challenge.

Bravo girl! And thanks!


Anonymous said...

These are awesome Sue!

Susan Kozlowski said...

Thank you for visiting! And you comments!


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