Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Session

Outdoor photo sessions can be very fun, because your studio space is ENORMOUS! Many scenes to work with, the beauty of nature, and at times gorgeous natural light.

Unfortunately, outdoor sessions can be a real challenge. Well, you have Mother Nature to deal with, sometimes harsh lighting and maybe too much space to work with. It can get a little overwhelming.

I try to set up several small "sets" for the photo session, working with the light and taking the background into consideration.

Last Sunday, I had a wonderful opportunity to photograph a couple of terrific siblings - outdoors! We had a breathtaking space to work with, mild weather (a bit chilly), blooming forsythia, and a tranquil lake.

Working with children is so much fun. Give them your full attention for a couple hours and you will get it back in return.

They are not impressed with your flashy equipment, education, or awards - they just want to have fun. And fun we did.

I loved the input I received from the both of them - they had as many ideas for poses and picture ideas as I did! It's great to have collaborators! We climbed up hills, climbed down hills, skipped rocks in the steam, balanced on a shaky pier and had some running races. I'm not sure about these two, but I was quite exhausted by the end of the session.

The best part of all is I think they really liked each other!

It was all quite worth it. Beautiful morning + beautiful children = beautiful portraits!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Sue you did an incredible job capturing both of them. I love it. Maybe we can talk about doing my girls some day. You are truly an amazing photographer with a beautiful mind.

Susan Kozlowski said...

Thank you! Please contact me about a session with your girls, I look forward to hearing from you.


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