Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Abstract Architecture

I would consider myself primarily a portrait study photographer. Even though I am interested in all forms of photography and often challenge myself with avenues that are new or uncommon for me.

One of these "avenues" is the subject of architectural photography.
This is not something that "catches my eye" when I am observing the world around me with camera in hand. However, I found it very hard to pass up this incredible structure while in Hong Kong.

It is the Hong Kong art museum and presents a fascinating geometric pattern that goes on for several city blocks, producing interesting details and design elements.

I found this stairway particularly interesting with it's curved, sweeping lines.

These lines can be used to lead, connect, separate, define and unify the composition.

Another option was to include a natural object, like these palm trees, into the image foreground.

I found this contrast of natural and abstract to be a strong visual statement.
Photographing stagnant objects is a big difference from photographing my usual more animate subjects! The former patiently wait for me - the photographer - to set the shot, compose and review the results. It's something to consider.

Even though this model is the same for EVERY photographer that comes strolling by.

But will he/she pose exactly the same for them? Will they find just the right angles to portray their "best" side?

Possibly, but in the meantime I thank my rigid, stabile model - I enjoyed our photo shoot just fine.

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