Friday, January 23, 2009

A Walk Back in Time.............

Europe in January is cold, damp and at times uninviting. But this can also lend itself to some wonderful photo opportunities.

I recently discovered an enchanting town in Northern Italy called Bergamo. An hour train ride from Milan, Italy - Bergamo is located in the foothills of the Italian Alps.
Divided into two city centers, a lower part (citta Bassa) and the upper city (Alta) - which can be reach by a funicular railway.
The gentle ride up to the hilltop medieval town, surrounded by 17th century defensive walls, is a beautiful way to see the surrounding gardens and vegetation.

Once we reached the top we also took a step back in time. Cobble stone streets, medieval architecture, immense cathedrals, open piazza's, well let's just say its a magical place.

I will try to give you a feel of the town and the amazing views and unique discoveries around every corner with my captured images.

Because it is off season, and raining - the streets have become my own! I have stepped into a photographers dream. Everywhere I look I long to capture, interpret, remember, feel.
So I did.

I will remember and keep this afternoon in Bergamo for quite some time. It is a place I never want to forget and I can assure you I will return - hopefully this time I may even get a glimpse of the Alps which lie a short distance away.
I close my eyes and feel the mist in the air.
Don't let opportunities pass you by - you never know what treasures you will discover!


Q said...

Thank you Susan...
These images touch my soul.
A magical place indeed.

Stacey J. said...

Susan~ these are gorgeous!!!! I love the post work you did on them and all of your images from your travels. I was in Italy last year for a week. Spent most of the time in the country. If I could live there I would in a heart beat. Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Your images are so beautiful!

Amazing work!


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