Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mystifying Cathedrals

My adventure in Northern Italy brought me to several majestic cathedrals - most notably the elaborate gothic Duomo di Milano. This imposing structure is placed in the Main Square of Milan. It is the second largest "cathedral" in the world.

It's impressive facade leads you into it's dark and gloomy interior. The vast expanse of space was overwhelming.

You found yourself wandering around from sectioned off areas of meditative worship - to the openness and expanse of the nave and transept.

The feelings evoked were anything but warm and fuzzy - more like awesome, confusion, and wonderment.

One of my favorite encounters was the unlikely discovery of Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo.
While standing in front of this great cathedral - we were unsure of it's entrance.
We wandered into a large wooden (unmarked) doorway, only to discover that we have walked into what some must image their 'heaven' to be like ( some ).

It was quite beautiful, astounding.
With every turn I was surrounded by vibrant paintings, sculptures, colorful frescos, tapestries, and all kinds of gilded decorations.
I was even tempted to lay down on the cold marble floor and study all the staggering art and architecture above me.

But was this cathedral warm and fuzzy?

Not really, but you could feel the energy within.
It was vibrant and quite alive.

I love the way the camera captures the mystery and the grandeur of the space. The dark corners remain hidden while the light illuminates producing a beautiful glow.
Compelling, entrancing, and mesmerizing - the allure and mystery of the Cathedral .

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T Love, Reiki Master/Sound Therapist said...

It's amazing what you capture on film. The color and lighting is fantastic but the pure essence of the space that comes through your work is what is so haunting. It's as though I am in the cathedral again. Thank you for allowing my memories to stay in the forefront of my mind.


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