Sunday, January 11, 2009

Color vs Black and White Photography

Converting a color image to black and white can be achieved quite easily through the magic of Photoshop. There are many methods to do this, but your ultimate goal is to ensure the image has a variety of tonal ranges.
By stripping away the color of an image, the viewer primarily focuses on the mood and feeling portrayed - (especially in portraiture). Form and shape also becomes an important piece of the composition.

Some images do not convert well. If a color photograph contains a very even tonal range, the resulting monochromatic image becomes very flat and gray without any distinct blacks or whites. Often looking very uninteresting, boring.

Tonal range is the key. Contrast in an image will boldly convert to black and white, and definitely make a statement.

So what do you think?
My example model looks beautiful in both color or black and white, is one better than the other?
Or does it fall on ones' own personal preference and artistic style?
You decide.

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