Friday, November 14, 2014

When my friend contacted me recently to photograph a "save the date" couple shoot, I was thrilled.
I carefully researched poses for the engaged couple and was excited to hear what ideas they had in mind.

On the day of the shoot, they took me to a location they were excited about in downtown Rochester.
Expecting a romantic setting for this romantic shoot, I soon became concerned when we started down a dirt path that led to an underground abandoned subway/train station!

Late in the afternoon, nearing sunset, we descended into a dark alleyway with graffiti latent walls, dark passages, and an occasional person walking out of the shadows.
Ready to do a 180 and scurry out of there, I voiced my concerns about safety and reaching my survival comfort level.

My friends assured me we were safe, and that this area has become quite a popular site with urban sightseers and artists. 

It was then that the alleyway opened up into an area with amazing light pouring through and incredible vibrant paintings/graffiti all around us.

The surroundings inviting us to become part of this artistic piece.
Immediately inspired by the colors, shapes, architecture, and diffused light, we started the shoot.

The location was perfect!

We had lots of space to move around, plus a different background with the slightest shift to the right or left.

And sure enough, it doesn't matter what the setting is to make a romantic scene.  All it takes is an open mind, and of course a couple very much in love!!!

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