Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Good Looking Senior!

Gone are the days of stiff, boring photographs to represent your image as a Senior in High School!  Why not take this time to show the world that you have grown up, you are unique and why not celebrate it.

Welcome to Senior Portraits 2014!!

Unlike the unlimited "selfies" that have become the norm for most students.  
It's time for portraits that last, not temporary and easily forgotten on your phone or floating in 'the cloud'.

Instead of sharing on the multiple social media sites - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ect.. - these moments are captured to share in print (oh how old fashion!) with your parents, grandparents, and - "what - the - heck" - they are still good enough to share on social media too!

The change that occurs Senior year emerges not as grown children, but young adults.

Ready to face the world with a newly acquired independence.

It can be a little intimidating glaring into the huge telephoto lens of a photographer and being told to "be natural".

But Tyler has a great presence and felt very comfortable in front of the camera.  A photographers dream.  Not to mention good looks too!!!

Confidence is a wonderful trait for a Senior on camera ( or off ).

Who knows,  his next experience with a professional photo shoot may just be with........ A Wedding Photographer!

Don't worry Mom - I'm sure you have a few more milestones to get through first. 
                                                            Like Graduation!  

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Anne T. Phinney said...

Ah youth....such a great moment in one's life. All the possibilities for a fulfilling life lie ahead. Beautiful pic, Sue. You have captured the essence of his senior year.


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