Monday, March 4, 2013

Photo of Week March 3rd.

This weekend it is time to Spring forward!
I like the idea that we are  closer to Springtime - warmer temperatures, green hues surrounding our environment, lighter clothes, brighter colors all around, 'al fresco' dining, and more sun in my world!!!
However, I never seem to get over losing that glorious hour of sleep in order to get closer to all these wonderful things that make up Spring to me.
I'm sure I'll get over it very soon, especially upon seeing that first flower burst open announcing the end of frozen stillness and the celebration of new life.
 Oh beautiful Spring we anxiously await your arrival!


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Anne T. Phinney said...

266 mendNaThanks Sue,
From way up here in the frozen north, that picture of purple and green is like savoring the most delicious piece of chocolate! Thanks for posting a glimpse of my flower boxes in the months to come! Can't wait.


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