Monday, February 21, 2011

Portfolio Building

New beginnings and opportunities can lead to an array of wonderful possibilities.

But how does one take that first step to get the ball rolling?

In the world of modeling – the first step is to get in front of the camera. Simple.

In my recent session with an aspiring young model, we were able to gather a wide range of poses, moods, styles, personalities and an overall fantastic start to a professional modeling portfolio.

All this from one very productive session!

Not only were we able to produce a collection of incredible images, but we were also able to demonstrate a diversity that is highly desirable with most agencies.

This body of work proved to be quite strong!

It portrays the image of a model that is poised and very comfortable in this role.

I love the varied moments captured from the vitality of youth

To the mysterious and striking

As well as a view so sure and confident.

By taking those “first steps”, it’s not any surprise that opportunities will arise -

 by Leaps and Bounds!!


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