Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer's Farewell - Asbury Park, NJ

It's still not too late - even though many people feel Labor Day marks the end of summer - to do something you meant to do over these last few months but never got the chance to do!

So that is exactly what I did - I took a day trip to the beach. And a beautiful day it was.

September is truly the best month to visit the beach. Less crowds, mild temps, and of course a sandbox for miles on end!

Asbury Park, located on the coast of central New Jersey, started as a popular seaside resort, complete with boardwalk, amusement rides and a popular vacation get away.

Attracting grand hotels, theaters, and a Casino.

Over the years, other attractions were developed throughout NJ, taking business away from this area. And in1970 - civic unrest.

This resulted in the destruction of many aging buildings and disrepair of the community.

Today, through active redevelopment, Asbury Park is coming back to life!

Trendy restaurants, bars and cafes.
Pristine boardwalk

Artist and entertainment

Clean beaches
Mounted Police

And of course the draw of the clean ocean air and sunshine are just a few reasons to spend a day de-stressing, de-toxing, de-programming at the sea.

Feel the sand, breath in the sea air, watch the rhythm of the waves.

Stimulate the Economy

Stimulate your Soul!

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