Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Session with Emily

Plans to head to the barn early on a recent Saturday for a 10am photo session and an afternoon ride was thwarted by a steady rain which started the night before and continued through the morning.

Remaining hopeful, we decided to delay the shoot for a couple of hours and keep our fingers crossed.

Emily’s big photo shoot at the barn was her first one ever.
When I got there, she was very excited!!! (I guess many things are exciting to a Jack Russell Terrier!)

Yes, Emily is a very sweet and very active Jack. She was passing through New Jersey visiting family on her way to her winter residence in South Carolina.
The barn environment is new for Emily, so you can imagine all the fun things to do and explore here.

There are haylofts to check out, barn cats to chase, open spaces to play and of course showing off her athletic abilities!

After a while, our intentions were answered and the weather cleared.

Surprisingly, Emily really seemed to enjoy her photo shoot.

From classic posing (making sure we get her best side), to listening for her directions, Emily was a true professional through and through!

She was even brave enough to get up close and personal with a very large and a little intimidating horse.

She kept her composure (assuring not to make any eye contact what so ever), and played her role of “barn dog” very well – (Even though “Oz”, our stand in horse, didn’t know how to respect Emily’s personal space – geez!).

All in all, Emily’s demanding photo shoot was quite a success.
Her favorite part of it all was posing with her BFF and constant companion! Yes, it’s all about being loved, wanted and quite admired – oh and cuteness is certainly a plus too!

Thanks Emily.

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