Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tweens and Photography

Having a photo session with a couple of "tweens" can be quite energetic!

Welcome to the tween years - or what use to be called "preteens".

Tweens are a generation of fashion conscious, fad loving, ipod listening,
'filled - with - attitude' youth. And what fun it is to get a couple of them together - as friends - for a photo session.

When photographing, there were times when I wasn't able to capture all the expressions, looks, attitudes that were being dished out. But it made for a lot of great spontaneous, spur of the moment shots. Many of these captures work really well together when grouped as a composite print - placing three or more images together. (as scene in the first image introducing this post)

I was also able to capture the more thoughtful and contemplative personalities of the girls. Often knowing exactly what to do in front of the camera, with just a little direction from me.

All in all, what a blast it is working with tweens. Many enjoy their spot light in front of the camera, especially when they have their best buddy nearby to get a smile or giggle out of them.

Oh and by the end of the session - I too, could sing all the words to David Archuleta or Miley Cyrus. (Yes, we did have their favorite ipod music playing in the background - over and over and over!)

I look forward to our next session!


Anonymous said...

I love the composition prints, the leopard print, and the attitudes! Is that a scarf in the last one? I LOVE that too! JW

Susan Kozlowski said...

thanks JW! Yes that last shot was part of the "action" series. At the end of the shoot, we put on their favorite song and let them dance around and do what every they wanted - kind of freestyle. As you can see the scarf was used as one of the props in this "freestyle" session.


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